Tesla Motors opens second factory in Tilburg


Tesla Motors opens second factory in Tilburg


The other Tesla premises, opened in 2013, are located on the Vossenberg industrial estate. Global increased demand for electric cars, however, has led to Tesla’s need to expand. Last year, Tesla sold 22,500 cars; they expect to sell 35,000 electric cars worldwide this year. From their base in Tilburg, the American manufacturer supplies cars to customers located in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. The cars come in via the Dutch port of Rotterdam and are then transported to the West-Brabant city where final assembly takes place.

Boost for jobs

On the municipal website, an alderman of Tilburg, Mr De Ridder said that he did not yet know how many jobs this would create. ‘It is fantastic news that Tesla wishes to expand and that they have found a location close to their other base. Things are going well for the company.We do not yet know how many jobs will be created but employment opportunities will certainly receive a boost.’In Tilburg, 180 people currently work for Tesla.

Network of super-quick charging points

The American manufacturer of electric cars is currently also working on the creation of their own network of super-quick charging points in Europe. These will be placed at strategic locations so that Tesla drivers can cross Europe without concerns about charging their vehicles. Around 75 charging stations have already been installed in Europe.