Two 'Outstanding' distributions centers in Tilburg


Two 'Outstanding' distributions centers in Tilburg


Distribution centre ‘New Logic I’ will be used by DB Schenker. The logistics service provider will store products for Nokia Siemens Network Systems here. The development of the site is in the hands of Dok Vast, an investment and development company from Oisterwijk that is managing a number of projects in the region. Dok Vast specialises in distribution centres and focuses on sustainability. Director Jos Klanderman: “A sustainable building is future-proof and is very economical in terms of operational costs. This ultimately benefits our clients in the form of lower rental prices by up to around € 2.50 per square metre of surface area.”

Speed and sustainability

In the spring of 2012, Dok Vast drew up the very first plans for a distribution centre at Vossenberg West II. Given the strategic location near the water, railways and motorways, Dok Vast was sure it was the place to build. “In the second quarter of 2013, we contacted Schenker”, explains Klanderman. “They were seeking a location, with limited time, and where 20,000 m2 would be ready for use in September/October. We therefore had just a few months to finalise the permit phase and construct the building. In addition, we were also aiming to achieve a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ certificate at this site.” So we had to put in an exceptional performance on two fronts.

TRIAS Energetica

An important basic principle for achieving BREEAM certification, and the sustainability of the building, is the ‘Trias Energetica’. A strategy for the sustainable design of buildings that rests on three pillars: limiting energy usage, maximum use of sustainable energy sources and using fossil fuels as efficiently as possible. “A great way to approach a building”, according to Klanderman. “This begins with the shell of the buildings. We first look at insulation, air tightness and lighting input before moving onto the installations.”

Marketable design

The design of the distribution centre has been handed to Habeon, the in-house architect of contractor Heembouw. Dok Vast gave the architect company a clear task and functioned as an active member of the team during the design phase in order to keep a close eye on the basic principles. The building thus encompasses several wooden elements which give it a warm and chic exterior. “The design incorporates a high degree of flexibility”, continues Klanderman. “The factory hall can easily be split into four individual halls.

Daylight plays a vital role herein, creating a connection between the interior and outdoors. In addition, the lighting is automatically harmonised with the natural lighting levels in the hall.” Dok Vast expects to receive the design certificate from the DGBC (Dutch Green Building Council) in a few weeks and try to achieve a score that exceeds 90%.

Collective involvement

Contractor Heembouw was involved in the project right from the start, in order to use their experience with lean building to realise the very ambitious plans. During a number of lean session, all of those involved managed to harmonise the various tasks with one another. “A good team is vital for the success of a project”, says Klanderman. “As a team, we create a feeling of collective involvement, allowing us to work together towards the ultimate goal. These are interesting tasks from which we were able to reap the rewards on 11 October last year, when the first phase was completed. At the beginning of December, the complete building will be delivered.”

Project info:

High degree of fire safety

In order to fulfil the high fire safety requirements, a state-of-the-art sprinkler installation has been used in the new DC, alongside a fire alarm and evacuation system. KIN Sprinklertechniek BV has provided all the engineering, supplies and assembly for the certified installations, including the complete water system. “In total we are installing around 6,000 sprinklers on the roof and under the interim floors in the warehouses in the DC”, explains project manager Rob Heijndijk of KINSprinkler technology. The entire office space is also fitted with a sprinkler installation. Rob Heijndijk: “In terms of choices for the colour of the sprinkler installations, Dok Vast was always very clear. In the offices, there is an integrated concept that almost disappears into the system ceiling while, in the warehouses, a more obvious appearance was chosen with a contrasting colour so that the quality of the installations would be further emphasised.”

Tailor-made frames and curtain wall

As a preferred supplier to Heembouw, Portalume provided the window frames and curtain wall for the ‘New Logic I’ distribution centre. The facade builder took on the entire project, from engineering to assembly.

“In June, we were awarded the job”, explains director/co-owner Peter Muller from Portalume. “Immediately afterwards, we provided the required drawings. As with most of the tasks we carry out, this was all about customisation. We produced the frames on the basis of profiles that we are supplied in trade lengths. The materials fulfilled the BREEAM requirements.” In total, Portalume produced, supplied and installed six hundred square metres of aluminium frames, 130 square metres of curtain wall and four luxury sliding doors, including automatic operating systems. It wasn’t the technology but time that was the greatest challenge. Muller: “A condition within the purchasing phase was that you could fulfil the planning requirements. The fact that we were Heembouw’s preferred supplier offered advantages in this context. We have worked together on numerous occasions and, as a result, can anticipate one another and change tack very quickly. We also reconciled our planning closely with the other parties. Effective collaboration was vital for the success of the project.” in order to achieve the deadline, Portalume worked through the summer holiday. In week 33, the first delivery was sent out; assembly took around five weeks. The extra wide gangways of 3.3 metres and the mezzanine floor also contribute towards the building’s appeal and, therefore, the future-proof nature of the building.” The mezzanine floor was calculated to take heavy duty wear and tear and can be used as extra storage capacity or office space.

BREEAM score above 90%

In order to achieve the high sustainability label, the design and execution had to score on almost every aspect of BREEAM (higher than 85%). The building is very well insulated and sealed, resulting in an air-tightness of qv;10;kar/m2 of 0.207 l/sec.m2. Furthermore, there are motion detectors and Philips LED lighting with an eighteen year guarantee; the toilets are flushed with rain water and the building has solar panels on the roof. The roof has been strengthened and equipped with thick roof covering so that more solar panels can be applied in the future. “But BREEAM goes even further”, stresses Klanderman. “We separate all our waste but we have also installed kestrel nesting boxes on top of the camera masts and special plants have been planted around the building. We also focus on the experience of the employees.

Building info

Assignment Dok Vast, Oisterwijk (end-user: DB Schenker for NokiaSiemens Network Systems Tilburg)
Design Habeon, Roelofarendsveen
Execution Heembouw, Roelofarendsveen
Building period
 July 2013 – December 2013
Building programme New-build distribution centre with warehouse (circa 43,000 m² total floor area), mezzanine floor (circa 3,800 m2 total floor area) and offices (circa 1,450 m2 total floor area). Surface area of site is around 7 hectares.

High-tech dock equipment

In order to fulfil the high sustainability and safety requirements, the ‘New Logic I’ distribution centre had to be equipped with technically advanced docking equipment. Stertil Dock Products was the company for the job.

On behalf of Heembouw, Stertil supplied and installed 37 extendable levellers, 37 shelters and 39 dock doors, including four large ground level doors and the necessary seals. “We often work with Heembouw”, says sales leader Herman Cohen from Stertil. “We have supplied equipment for this type of project at home and abroad for many years. Recently, we supplied another distribution centre in Son.” “The doors represent the biggest challenge”, continues Cohen. “In order to attain the highest possible BREEAM score, they had to be very well insulated and also allow sufficient light in. For this high degree of insulation, we had already designed a door with a good level of certification for another Dutch project. We combined this with quadruple-glazing, equipped with a special, scratch-proof coating to ensure there was sufficient daylight. The doors are also equipped with a special SKG lock.” The large, heavy levellers, that Stertil had also engineered for another project, close seamlessly with the edge of the well. So no heat is lost along the edges. This solution saves money in terms of energy and offers increased safety during loading and unloading. Cohen: “It was a huge challenge to come up with such technologically advanced solutions within just a few months. We also have to demonstrate that each product fulfils the NEN-14001 norm. We are currently working on this.” The advantage of sourcing levellers and doors from Stertil is that a CE statement is supplied. Final delivery is planned for the end of 2013.

Groundwork as solid basis

Under the distribution centre ‘New Logic I’, there are intelligent foundations with sealed layers, wells and cable protection pipes. The infra-work, sewerage system, foundations for the concrete floor and the paving was taken on by J. den Breejen GWW.

“We were involved by Heembouw in the project from an early stage”, explains project leader Johan van Breejen from J. den Breejen GWW. “In the preparatory phase, we contributed towards pricing and helped come up with ideas for an efficient solution. We also took care of engineering the sewerage system.”

Den Breejen continues: “In collaboration with Van Berlo Bedrijfsvloeren, we came up with a time and cost-saving alternative to pile-supported foundations. The weight-bearing capacity of the ground is now provided by several sealed layers made of mixed granules.” The fact that the mixed granules are a building substance, contributes towards the building’s BREEAM certification. The granulate is broken under ISO-14001 norms and delivered in the most sustainable manner possible.

Work began on 1 June 2013, right after the task was allocated. In total, J. den Breejen GWW installed 50,000 tons of mixed granules, 3,000 metres of sewerage pipes, 6,000 metres of cable protection pipes and 17,000 square metres of paving. Den Breejen: “Given the limited building time, just five months, engineering and execution had to run in parallel. We also worked outside normal working hours and harmonised tasks via lean-sessions. We brought this project to its conclusion as one big team.”

Intelligent foundation, super-smooth floors

In October 2013, Van Berlo Bedrijfsvloeren supplied the monolite flooring, including under-floor construction for the ‘New Logic I’ distribution centre. Commercial technical adviser Jan Baijens reminisces about a successful project with a great end-result: “We showed off what we are good at.”

“In June, we were tasked with laying the foundation and the floor”, explains Baijens. “Our engineering department then began working on drawings; on 1 July the first piles were driven into the ground.” The foundation was a smart design by Van Berlo and was executed using their own semi-prefabricated system. A particular detail in this context was that the floor insulation connects directly into the wall insulation. All the materials used, including the floor insulation, the rubble and the concrete, are 95% ISO-14001 certified.

Van Berlo was able to put its expertise to good use when designing and installing the monolite floor. “You couldn’t make a more beautiful floor”, says Baijens when referring to the extremely smooth finish. “One the one hand, this is down to our advanced, in-house developed machines; on the other, it is due to the experience of our people. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to fulfil the extremely high quality requirements”

“BREEAM evaluation method no problem for completion work”

De Vier Totaalafbouw BV, a partner of Heembouw, is also working on realising the Vossenberg II distribution centre in Tilburg and is responsible for the interior completion work, including modular ceilings, metal-stud walls and modular walls.

General director Patrick Fokker:”A particular point of attention in our work at the distribution centre was the BREEAM evaluation method within which sustainability and accounting for the origins of products are the crucial aspects.” Patrick Fokker says that he has worked with BREEAM before. “Success can only be achieved if every participant in the project team is aware of their responsibilities. Within our company, this means that sufficient expertise must be available and that we are able to start work on preparations for the BREEAM process as early as possible, so that it becomes an integral part of the approach. Harmonisation with suppliers was very important in relation to the completion works in the distribution centre. The excellent collaboration with the contracting party Heembouw and the suppliers meant that our processed materials fulfilled the norms and sustainability criteria set by BREEAM and we were also able to contribute towards the ‘sustainable construction’ of the distribution centre in Tilburg.”

Top quality roofing concept

On behalf of Heembouw, ROOF-IT realised a top quality roofing concept for the ‘New Logic I’ distribution centre. In five production weeks, the roofing specialist made the 43,000 square metre roof surface watertight.

At the beginning of June, we were awarded the task to install synthetic roofing in combination with PIR insulation”, explains general director Ed van Tiel from ROOF-IT. “As a result of quality and sustainability issues, we opted to use a 1.8 mm PVC film. This roofing comes with a ten year guarantee.” In terms of sustainability, ROOF-IT is continuously seeking innovative solutions. Recently, ROOF-IT became a ‘Selected Sustainable Partner’ for DION Evolution. DION Evolution developed a bitumen system on felt that is secured to the roof construction with Velcro. This system comes with a twenty year guarantee and a CO2 reduction statement.

Van Tiel continues: “The challenge of this project lay in the very tight planning and the achievement of BREEAM certification, both of which brought their own administrative and research tasks. Every week, we lay 10,000 m2 of roofing; we worked 12-hour days. This meant that 23 trailers were required every single week. The good collaboration with the contractor and other involved parties and the experience of our work planners and labourers meant we succeeded in our task.”